Tinesha, Activist

Amy is wonderful! So patient, understanding and truly present with you. It's refreshing to say the least. She is knowledgeable and nurturing, which are all pluses to me.


Anna Brown, Spiritual Wayshower/Public Figure

Amy gifted me this beautiful reading as an energy exchange for a phone session. It was simple, clear, and filled with love! Amy is a heart-centered being who truly enjoys what she does, and it shows through her work. Thank you, Amy!


Niveditha S., Yogi/Breathwork Coach

Amy is very intuitive and easily identified any blockages without me pointing to them. After our sound healing session I could see clear difference in my lived reality, and I experienced a lot of flow in my vocal communication. I highly recommend Amy—she is truly gifted.


Kristen, Reiki Healer

Do you know what I love about alternative healing methods? They are limitless! I can be asleep, two times zones away and receive sound healing! How amazing is that?

My first experience with distance sound healing was a blessed gift. Amy had little information on my health and life experiences going into the session but her feedback after the session felt as if I had shared intimate detaills with her. She was able to give me soul insight to long term programs that have been clouding my chakras and left me with a density in my body. Immediately when I woke I felt lighter in my being with the clarity lasting now 3 months afterwards.

Amy is a seasoned, intuitive healer and friend and her love for her craft of sound healing is a gift of magic. I highly recommend Amy's services and the sensations of comfort and wisdom she shares.


Kandace, WFM Associate

I recently had an amazing and most accurate spiritual reading with Amy Wolf, and I must say without a doubt she was very accurate on the things pertaining to my life. I've told her very little and she was able to tune in with her spirit guides to give her the knowledge to help guide me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my reading!


Taylor–Pure Sunshine, Student

You have no idea how much I needed to read that. I've been going through the most vulnerable experience of my life and all I want to do is hide. I feel cared for being so vulnerable when in fact I should feel stronger and more open to the world. I am so grateful you translated this message for me because I have been feeling hopeless and lost with these emotions. It's amazing how empowering this message made me feel. Thank you so much for it, Amy!


Ash Burnside

Amy was absolutely incredible. I could FEEL in my body what she was focusing on without her even saying anything. This was a really beautiful way to help with healing, and I feel so incredible afterwards—it's like she dusted the cobwebs off of my spirit. I feel more in tune, more awake, and more open. My healing journey will be long, but I know Amy's wound healing gifts will help me along the way! Blessings to you, Amy!