Animal Divination


Nine Animal Totem Reading

1 hour, 30 minutes

You received your totem at birth! This sacred reading explains what lessons you are here to Master. Each creature expresses your abilities, talents and challenges. You learn about each of your Spirit animal's position and the meaning of the directions. You learn who to call upon when you need insights, direction, help, and strength in all of your life challenges. Engaging in conscious communication with your allies in Spirit opens up a tremendous amount of support!
(Video chat or recording)


Mini Spirit Animal Divination 

20 minutes

You will receive a private message (via email or text) with specific Earth/Animal Medicine revealed during my divination process. Every animal has characteristics and wisdom which will speak to your question and circumstances.
You can call upon your new animal friends at any time!I
I’m honored to help you with your journey!


Moon Lodge Reading

30-minute Zoom meeting

A wise man said, “There are more roots than branches” This divination is a tool to help uncover the hidden things of your inner world.
There is no judgement—only love for you!
I'm here to support you!
(Includes one follow up email.)


Animal Medicine~Father Sky/Mother Earth Spread 

40 minutes

We are in an age that has severed itself from nature and magic. The Medicine Cards are a method for remedying that dissociation. The Father Sky/ Mother Earth reading can help in times of confusion. It can also reveal and help correct imbalances to our Male/Female sides.
(Zoom meeting or vid chat)


Butterfly Spread~Determines the outcome of projects or group enterprises

1 hour

Native American tribes have been practicing Animal Medicine since long ago. Even today, their definition of 'medicine' is referring to anything that improves one's physical, mental and spiritual connection to Mother Earth, the Universe, others and to oneself. Do you keep seeing a particular animal or insect reappearing in your life? Perhaps this species has an important message just for you? This Spirit led session, you will have access to this animal's wisdom, guidance & power (Video chat/call).