Welcome to my holistic healing site!

I am so grateful you are here looking to dive deeper into your total well being through the dynamic healing modalities I offer. 


It would be my honor to walk beside you on this journey of sacred healing. 


Waves of Love, 


Amy Wolf



My Story


I'd love to share with you a little about myself and how I came to be a healer and a life guide utilizing sound healing & Human Design to help others achieve total mind, body & soul integration for optimum self empowered healing.   


I offer these specific modalities of healing because of the deep connection I have to how they have impacted my own lifelong journey of healing & integration. 


I am sure the seed of sound healing was planted in my being and in my genetic coding before I was even born as both my mother & father were deeply connected to music. 


Sound is our very earliest connection to life on earth, as we first connect to the beat of our mothers heart and then our own inside the womb. 

My father a piano tuner instilled a curiousity and wonder in me around sound starting at a very young age.

Showing me his collection of tuning forks & demonstrating to me an 'out of tune' key on the piano, versus an 'in tune' Tuning fork. I also learned about dissonance, hearing if a sound was sharp or flat signaling whether something was out of balance.  

How incredible that my father was a tuner of pianos & that I eventually became a tuner of humans! 

Around 2016 I was drawn back into the sound currents of my childhood as a powerful means of healing and connection to my energetic body. Kundalini yoga reinvigorated my love of sound through chanting mantras. I immediately felt the power of sound as it allowed me to face past hurts and alchemize old stories.  Along with Kundalini Kriyas (actions with a specific outcome),

I began to use my voice tones as an instrument to enter into higher states of consciousness (Alpha and Gamma brain waves). I  experimented with my voice directing  it as prayers to my energy centers and throughout my body for profound healing and freeing energy blockages. So again sound was reaffirmed as some kind of special Magick, a tool for healing in my life. 

As my passion for Sound Healing continued to expand, I dove into every book i could get my hands on, on the subject which propelled me to purchase my first set of Crystal singing bowls & a set of Solfeggio tuning forks. Everything began to come together & I began implementing these Divine frequencies into my daily practice.  I found such profound results especially facing traumatic childhood issues. I immediately noticed how these frequencies combed through my bio field!

The IN TUNE fork revealed my OUT OF TUNE (dissonant) frequencies stuck in my Bio field, just as my father had showed me as a child with the piano. It seemed in 2019 I had come full circle in my path of rediscovering sound at a whole new level. 


I began using the 528hz tuning fork, the frequency of LOVE to comfort me during my process of healing.

I self initiated the process of mirror alchemy to connect to my higher self (God) & to develop a deeper self compassion (Karuna) for my present state and my wounded inner children who were revealing themselves in the healing process.


And then Human Design came into my life which felt like it unlocked everything else that needed to come forth for me to propel into alignment and living from my souls purpose.  I have become a lifelong student of Human Design which I am very passionate about.

My Soul Purpose. (conscious Sun gate 38- The Cross of Tension) which describes my basic purpose perfectly,

"I am to lovingly  challenge others when they are not in their authenticity." Of course, I only do this when I'm invited. When I receive your invitation I am here to empower, encourage and support your journey and I couldn't think of a better way than to offer you the tools that have culminated in my own journey. 


It is my hearts pleasure and my souls joy to offer you Sound healing, Mirror Alchemy, and Human design as they are the perfect trio to bring about



Waves of Love


~Amy Wolf


"I'm bringing Sound Healing to the next level by integrating valuable modalities tailored to your needs!"   ~Amy Wolf

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